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Robert Love Heating and Air can install and service any type and brand of furnace and heating equipment. We focus our installations on making your home comfortable and energy efficient. There are several new energy efficient options for heating your home, and we’re up to date on all of them!

  • High Efficiency Furnaces: We can recommend a furnace for your home that will heat the whole place evenly, without costing you an arm and a leg. We can also test your existing furnace to make sure it’s not losing energy because of a needed repair.
  • Heat Pumps: The earth is full of heat, and it runs in currents just beneath your home. Having a heat pump installed allows you to bring some of the earth’s natural heat up from the ground, and use it to heat your home inexpensively.
  • Zone Heating: Chances are that you and your family aren’t occupying every room in your home, every minute of the day. Zone heating allows you to heat only those rooms that are in use (such as just the bedrooms during the night) and save on heating the rest of your home. Ask a technician about it today!

Our experienced technicians can come to your home and help you come up with a heating plan that will give you maximum comfort and efficiency. We can help you choose the right furnace(s) and accessories to keep you warm, and lower your energy bills.