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Heating Thermostats

heating thermostats

If you’re having heating trouble in your home, the thermostat may be to blame. Your thermostat is responsible for telling the heater what the temperature in the house is, and when the heater should turn on and off. Any problem with the thermostat can throw the whole heating system out of whack. Common thermostat problems include:

    • Improper Placement: If the thermostat is placed too close to the furnace, near a frequently used door or window, or on an exterior wall of the house, it will be a poor judge of what the overall temperature of your home is.
    • Programming Problems: Do you keep setting your thermostat for 70, getting too toasty, and going back to check the thermostat, only to find that your home has heated up to 80? The problem isn’t the furnace, it’s your thermostat programming.
    • Uneven Heating: if your basement is always cold, and your upstairs is always hot, there’s no need to replace your whole furnace. You just need to update your thermostat system.

Robert Love Heating and Air has a solution for all of your heating problems, including those cause by the thermostat. We can help you to decide if you need us to install multiple thermostats for zone heating, seasonal programmable models, wireless thermostats, or any other option available. Our experienced technicians know what they’re doing, and they’ll get your thermostat whipped into shape!