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Zone AC Systems

Zone AC systems

If you’ve ever gone from room to room in your home or business, opening and closing heater vents to try and even out your climate control, you’re a good candidate for a zone air conditioning system. These types of systems allow you to cool or heat only certain areas of your home or business at a time, according to when different sections will be in use. The benefits of zone air conditioning systems include:

  • Greater efficiency for lower energy bills
  • Even air conditioning and heating throughout your home
  • Easy climate control in any season, in every area of your home

There are two basic types of zone AC systems that can be installed in your home or business. One type involves having two or more AC units installed in your home or business, to cool different sections independently. The other option is to have mechanical dampers installed in your ductwork, that respond to thermostat settings to control the heating and cooling of specific rooms or areas. An experienced tech from Robert Love Heating and Air can help you to decide which kind of system would be best for your space, and get you set up for installation.