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5 Ways to Keep Your Furnace Safe This Winter

furnace LaytonWith snowstorm after snowstorm sweeping across the Wasatch Front, we have had a number of phone calls from homeowners in need of furnace repair. Maintaining your furnace the right way can help to prevent expensive repairs and will keep your home energy costs lower. Here are our top five ways to keep your furnace working the right way for the rest of the winter.

Tip # 1: Change Your Air Filter

One of the easiest things you can do for your furnace system is to change that air filter! Every month, replace the air filter to help the air circulate properly through the home. An air filter keeps dust from getting trapped on the fan that pushes the air through your home, and it helps to prevent dust from being circulated through the home. Surprisingly a dirty air filter will cause efficiency problems and does lead to safety and performance issues.

Tip # 2: Regular Check-ups

Spring and fall check-ups are the best way to prevent serious HVAC issues. Annual check-ups help us to identify problems that could lead to serious failures of your furnace in the winter. Sometimes a simple repair is needed, such as replacing a fuse above the furnace. During an inspection, we will test for carbon monoxide leaks and other serious safety and health risks to your family.

Tip # 3: Keep it Clear

When we come to work on furnace systems, we often find homeowners have a lot of clutter around the furnace. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the area around the furnace clean! Anything that is too close to a furnace could potentially become a fire hazard and can easily light on fire. Proper air circulation cannot occur when you have boxes and all types of things gathered around the furnace.

Tip # 4: Carbon Monoxide Test

A carbon monoxide leak is one of the most dangerous problems with a furnace system. We always check our client’s furnace systems to ensure they are working appropriately. If there is a sign of carbon monoxide concern, we will discuss replacement options with you. If you have a working carbon monoxide monitor, always test it so it will alert you when there is a concern. Carbon monoxide leaks are known to cause flu-like symptoms, confusion, and disorientation. In extreme causes, carbon monoxide poisoning will lead to death.

Tip # 5: Testing the Blower

The blower is one of the areas that often becomes overworked with a furnace. It is important to have your blower tested and cleaned annually to keep it from burning out, especially when we have cold days and nights when it tends to work non-stop.

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